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Coral Sun Airways is an air service provider based in The Republic of Kiribati. Coral Sun Airways is certified to conduct Charter, Airwork and Freight forwarding operations in accordance with part 119/135 of the Kiribati Civil Aviation regulation.

Coral Sun Airways is 100% I-Kiribati owned.


  • TO PROVIDE a reliable and affordable air service to the Kiribati Line group (Makin to Arorae).

  • TO OFFER the Locals and Tourism clientele a choice of means of air travel to the entire Kiribati Line group.

  • TO ENHANCE Tourism and promote Business development throughout Kiribati through efficient, cost effective alternative air service.

  • TO INTRODUCE a dedicated weekly freighter air service to all of the islands with attention focused on avoiding Outer island cargo shortage

  • FUTURE FLEET expansion include an air service linking the Line and Phoenix with the Kiribati Line group under a domestic service.


Coral Sun Airways complies with all the stringent airworthiness requirements for the issuance of the Air Operator’s Certificate under Part 135 of the Kiribati Civil Aviation regulation. The company is licensed to operate under Regular Pubic Transport (RPT), Charters, Medical Evacuation (Medi-Vac), Freight forwarding and Search and Rescue operations.






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Shiu Fung Jong

Shiufung is the managing director of the JMR Group which includes Coral Sun Airways, Coral Sea and Coral Ace Supplies. 


Jeff Jong

Jeff is the founder of the company and has been in the airline industry for over 20 years.

Beginning in the Kiribati islands then moving to Fiji, Nauru, Australia and Japan.

Banian Kiboboua_edited_edited.jpg

Banian Kiboboua

Banian is our Chief Engineer with over 20 years of engineering experience. 


Michael Jong

Michael completed his training in Melbourne, Australia and is one of our King Air pilots.

Raytheon Beechcraft King Air 200

The Beechcraft Super King Air 200 series is the most versatile aircraft to achieve Coral Sun Aviation’s objectives. Beechcraft Kingair 200 is proven worldwide and is widely used in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific regions. The Kingair is a 9 seater commuter which can operate to all of the Kiribati’s airstrips with its short field takeoff and landing performance. The low operating cost of the aircraft will provide a more affordable way to travel to the outer islands for the local market.

Seats:  9 Seater
Speed:  250 knots
Range:  1300 Nm
Payload:  900 kg

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